Kelly Walker

Alcohol Consultant
Phone: 800.785.0161

Kelly Walker is an Alcohol Consultant at ABC Consulting. Kelly’s responsibilities include but are not limited to training and consulting with VA alcohol licensees. Ms. Walker joins the team with a great deal of experience in the hospitality industry. She attended Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC where she acquired a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Hospitality and Event Management. Kelly has worked in the restaurant and event industry for over a decade. As a result of her education and years of experience, she has in-depth knowledge of how restaurants operate. Kelly has a great understanding and appreciation of an employee’s point of view and how detrimental they are to the success of a business. Upon completion of her education, Kelly accepted a position as Academy, Marketing, and Events Manager at a DC golf course. With her management background, Ms. Walker has solid experience regarding VA ABC regulations such as record-keeping, licensing, sales, and inventory requirements among many other areas.

Kelly grew up in the Northern Virginia area where she ambitiously played field hockey and lacrosse in addition to her restaurant employment, all while attending school. At a young age, she recognized that the hospitality industry would be her career focus.

Kelly spends her free time volunteering as a local field hockey coach for a high school varsity team and a local youth team.